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About Us Ė Search Anyway is one of the Internetís hottest Pay-Per-Click Search Engines with a reputation for reliability and a proven track record of earning results
Search Anyway is one of the Internet’s hottest Pay-Per-Click Search Engines with a reputation for reliability and a proven trackrecord of earning results. We have been in the online marketing industry for more than 10 years, and our Affiliate Program is renowned for its far-reaching benefits and high-caliber webmasters. Our mission is simple - to bring targeted web traffic to our advertisers and to help our Affiliates maximize their revenue potential.

Our employees are highly knowledgeable with many years of technical and business experience, providing you with first-class customer support. We are constantly expanding our horizons and searching for new avenues to success, while remaining one of the industry's leaders in PPC marketing.

We welcome our Affiliates as our business partners and look forward to building a solid future together, establishing profitable relationships with dedicated, passionate individuals.

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SearchAnyway has the only PPC program I know of where there isnít a hold period on payments. Other companies pay only every 2 months and can keep my money to invest in anything they want, making a big profit for themselves while Iím waiting 60 days for a payment. SearchAnyway pays me right away without any fuss, and I always know where my money is.
- Alistair Boothby

I just bought a house 2 months ago, and every time I walk into it I think, ďThis house is brought to you by SearchAnyway!Ē. Of course, the question Iím asking myself now is, how many months will it take to earn for furniture? SearchAnyway is great!
- Alek Tabachnick