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New innovative website to compliment PPC service

Montreal, QC, August 8 - SearchAnyway, one of the Internet’s top PPC Search Engines, is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new website With the tools and resources available on this stylish site, webmasters will find it easier than ever to generate high revenue from their quality web traffic.

SearchAnyway’s Affiliate network already includes thousands of webmasters and advertisers, all of whom have profited from a SearchAnyway partnership. By designing a website that is in keeping with their principles of success – ease of use, open communication and accessible information – SearchAnyway is now even more effective at helping webmasters realize their full revenue potential.

"We’re not simply industry players, we’re industry innovators," said SearchAnyway’s CEO. "We want to develop the tools webmasters will use to launch a successful PPC campaign, and to have our name be synonymous with accuracy and speed. We have the contacts, the skills and the passion to be the best, and the new website is the best way to communicate that."

Curious beginners are invited to come take a trip on the FastGuide, a virtual tour into the world of PPC and the advantages of partnering with SearchAnyway. The confusing rhetoric of online marketing is replaced with a simple step-by-step explanation of PPC benefits. Learn how to be making a generous income within minutes, without any programming experience or technical know-how.

Another impressive feature offered on the site is the ability to check bids on specific keywords. Boasting "some of the highest bids online", SearchAnyway allows its potential and current Affiliates to compare bids made by it’s advertisers on any keyword. This tool is located on the Benefits page, alongside real testimonials from thriving Affiliates who can attest to SearchAnyway’s professionalism and profitability.

Their FAQ is comprehensive enough to address most concerns and, failing that, they promise personalized customer and technical support within one business day of receiving a query.

SearchAnyway has been in operation for almost a decade and have earned a reputation in the PPC industry for professionalism and success. Whether one is a novice webmaster new to the PPC industry or a seasoned pro eager to explore new ways to monetize traffic, SearchAnyway has the means and the expertise to find paths to success.
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