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  General Questions

What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

It is a medium used by advertisers who wish to elicit targeted traffic, the most sought after traffic there is, to their website. It allows them to control their ranking on search result listings by bidding on keywords directly related to their website. Whichever advertiser bids the most on a common keyword or phrase gets the highest listing. Bids can be as low as a $0.01 to as high as several dollars.
PPC marketing is considered to be one of the hottest and fastest-growing industries online. Advertisers love it because it is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to market on the Internet.

What is SearchAnyway’s Affiliate Program?

The program allows our affiliates to capitalize on the booming PPC market.  Advertisers contact us to be listed in our search engine; we in turn provide our affiliates with our search feed.  When your visitors click on a sponsored search result, you get paid a percentage of what that advertiser has bid for that keyword.
Example:  Let's say three advertisers bid on the keyword “Loan”, with bids of $1.15, $1.30 and $1.60 respectively. Your visitor searches for “Loan” and is presented with 3 different results.  When your visitor clicks on one of them, you get a percentage of that bid price.
We turn our affiliate’s quality traffic into quality revenue, and enrich their websites by integrating it with our search capabilities.  Your visitors will benefit from a better online experience while you receive fantastic payouts!

Great.  So What Does It Cost?

Absolutely nothing.  Becoming a SearchAnyway Affiliate is completely free

How Do I Apply?

Applying to our Affiliate Program is fast and easy.  Click here to go to our sign-up page and just follow the instructions.  Once you are accepted, you can access your account and start to integrate SearchAnyway into your website.

What Are the Qualifications in Becoming an Affiliate?

Traffic quality and quantity are the key factors.  We work with a large but select group of advertisers who expect us to deliver targeted traffic to their web properties.  We have a specialized screening process  that examines all applicants based on specific criteria and industry standards.
Once accepted, Affiliates are expected to follow our requirements and guidelines.  We have a zero-tolerance policy for click-fraud and employ sophisticated detection software to identify it.  Out of respect for our advertisers and legitimate Affiliates, we will terminate any account that engages in unethical and fraudulent behavior.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of bots, spam, forced or incentivized clicks, blind links, unsolicited pop-up results and any illegal activity.  Software or spy-ware that is installed on a visitor’s computer without their knowledge will also not be tolerated.

Whom Do I Contact For Help?

Contact the relevant department for help with a particular issue, or for general inquiries fill out our contact form .  We will respond to you within one business day.


What Percentage of Per-Click Bids Do You Offer as Revenue?

Since every website is unique, we evaluate revenue percentages on a case-by-case basis. Our start-up percentage is 60% but depending on the quantity and quality of your traffic, we may allocate up to 70%.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

Payments are made once or twice monthly and are issued by check or wire transfer. Our Affiliates can choose how and when they would like to receive payment. All payments will be issued automatically, with never any hold period.

What Are the Fees Involved in Each Payment Type?

Check Processing Fee -$2
Wire Processing Fee - $35

What is the Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout differs for each payment type.
Standard Check - $10
Wire - $300
Affiliates also have the option of receiving payment after a certain sum has accumulated in their account.

What Should I Do If My Banking Information Has Changed?

If your banking information has changed, please send an e-mail all the with new information. In this message, please indicate your Account Name (as recorded in our system), Affiliate ID and Password. Also, in the subject of the e-mail, indicate that this message is regarding your new banking information.


What Type of Stats Do You Provide?

  • General Stats - A comprehensive overview of your account
  • Stats by Period - Your daily clicks and earnings shown over a specified range of time
  • Hourly Stats - Your clicks and earnings shown by the hour. You may specify any date you like, starting from today.
  • Referral Stats - Your earnings from each person you have referred to our Affiliate program. This is searchable by date or specified range of time.
  • Click Stats - A breakdown of the number of clicks, cost-per-click and earnings for particular keywords visitors have searched for on your site. A useful tool for traffic optimization.
  • Global Click Stats - Same breakdown analysis as Click Stats, except the data is complied from all SearchAnyway Affiliate’s traffic. This information is helpful in identifying the most profitable keywords to place on your website and helps you determine the search patterns of Internet surfers.
  • Payment Status - A record of all revenue earned, all past payments issued and payments to be made in the immediate future.

What’s the Difference Between “Cost-per-Click” and a “Bid”?

The data from the Cost-per-Click column is not the true bid price but instead an average bid, showing you the amount of money made on a keyword divided by the number of clicks made.  Pure bid prices can’t be given because bids differ depending on the country and ranking.  Also, keep in mind that various advertisers bid for the same keyword, with the bid amounts determining their position on a search listing.  There are no fixed amounts for a keyword – only average values can be attributed.  Search for the keyword here for a listing of exact bid amounts.

Why Does Statistical Information Vary in Different Stats Section?

Each stat section presents results from various perspectives.  Payment Status will show you data about payments received and to be made.  It contains “pure” results, purged of all invalid and abnormal hits.  Global Stats shows you trends and keyword fluctuations from all Search Anyway Affiliates, whereas Click Stats contains data pertaining to your traffic only.  Some stats are meant purely as a research tool to measure tendencies and gauge habits, while others provide actual click counts and payment information.


Which Countries Do You Accept Traffic From?

We accept traffic from any country; however, some countries have more productive traffic than others.  Certain countries will not be able to access search results, and traffic which originates from China, Japan, Russia and Eastern Europe tend to yield very low conversion rates.  For your best interests, try to avoid unproductive traffic.  Below are some examples of low-conversion traffic:
61. 202. 203. 210. 211. 218. 219. 220.

Can Your System Handle High-Volume Traffic?

Yes.  Our system is technically capable of managing a considerable amount of traffic and we are financially able to meet your volume demands.  In order to optimize performance, please notify us of any expected increase in traffic as soon as you can.


How Often Do Bids Change?

Bids change constantly, according to many different factors.  Advertisers all over the world make bids on particular keywords and for higher positions on our results lists, which means that bids never remain static.  Seasonal changes, general sale fluctuations, and demand volubility are just some of the variables that can influence bids.  We recommend that you watch the bids constantly in order to stay updated.

What Effect Does Geographical Location Have on Search Results? On Bids?

Search results and bid amounts change substantially according to geographical location.  Cultures and consumer habits vary, so the most relevant search results are generated for different countries.  Similarly, bid amounts for the same keyword will depend on geographical factors.  Advertisers from different countries represent different advertising traditions; consequently, the prices they are willing to pay for traffic will vary.


How Do I Integrate Your Search Feed Into My Web Property?

There are several different ways to use our search feed, along with a variety of formats to present it in – it all depends on your type of website and what you want to offer your visitors.  No programming experience is required to implement our content into your site, though if you ever need help setting up, our experienced technical support staff will be glad to guide you.    
Our PHP script and easy-to-follow instructions on how to implement it is available for Affiliates in the member section.  Simply login and download the package.
If you’d like to benefit from having your very own, fully-brandable search engine, go to and follow the instructions on how to integrate our search engine within your site.  Also available are search boxes, various ad and banner templates and a host of other promotional materials for our Affiliates’ use.

Is It Permissible to Provide Visitor’s With Incentives to Click Links?

It is strictly prohibited for webmasters to encourage their visitors to click on a particular search result. 
The following are also forbidden:
  • Paying visitor’s to click
  • Placing only one single link on your webpage, thus denying your visitors choice
  • Displaying search results when visitors do not make any clicks (i.e. without their requesting it

Is It Permissible to Save Search Results with Certain Keywords?

Saving keyword search results for further use, a process known as caching, is strictly forbidden.  Cached search results will not be updated with current bids, which may lead to your visitors clicking on a listing whose account is empty.  You will not receive anything from this click.  The advertiser who owns the account profits with free traffic, but no revenue is generated for you.

Can I Place Non-Adult Links on a Page with Adult Content?

You should not mix non-adult links with adult content. For example, you can not place financial keywords on a page containing adult information. However, keywords like Viagra, which is not considered to be an adult keyword but is closely related to the topic, can still be placed on such page.  Your judgment should be used to ascertain the possible reaction of an advertisers should they see their keywords on your page next to adult content.
It must be noted that it is prohibited to use any kind of adult content on pages that your visitors will set as a homepage.

Can Combine Text Links and Image Links When Sending My Visitors to You?

Yes, but on that condition that you are not using blind links. For example, if you use text link for “Viagra”, you can illustrate this link with an image of a bottle of pills, so long as the image links to “Viagra” as well. Illustrating text links proves to be very productive – it your visitors will be more likely to click on it, increasing your revenue.

What Type of Keywords is the Most Effective?

Everybody has their own strategy, but we prefer sending traffic to the more popular, rather than to the more expensive keywords.  Usually the overall return is higher for the keywords that everybody searches by.  In order to find the most profitable terms, you should pay attention to the structure and demographics of your own traffic, seasonal vagaries, international events, etc. 

What Is Co-Branded Solution and Feed?

Our search feed gives you a possibility of having your own search engine that uses our search results as a raw data stream. It allows you to implement your own design concepts, thus making a connection between us and your search engine virtually seamless. We have also created a special script for parsing the feed. This script can be installed on a PHP running server. All inquiries regarding our feed and script should be addressed via-email to email

Can I Use Your Script For Sending Traffic to Other Affiliate Programs?

It is strictly prohibited to use our script anywhere outside of our Affiliate Program. This script is subject to copyright and any unauthorized use will be considered illegal. Accounts of those webmasters who wrongfully use our script will be immediately terminated.

Can I Use Keyword Rotators?

Yes.  Keyword rotation represents one of the ways to optimize the search process and achieve profitable results. The most important thing to remember is not to use caching or blind links. It is advantageous for you to analyze clicks for certain keywords so you can make the most effective selection for your traffic.

  Referral Program

Can I Refer Webmasters to You From the Link Installed On My Site?

Yes. We provide you with such a link so you are able to refer webmasters to us directly from your website. This links sends your webmasters to our registration form, but even if they decide to check other pages on our server before starting their registration process, your affiliate ID will still be saved in cookies.

What Information Should My Referrals Provide About Me?

If this person followed the referral link from your website, he doesn’t need to indicate anything since your Affiliate ID is embedded into the link. In all other cases, your referral should indicate your Affiliate ID on the registration form.

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As a SearchAnyway Affiliate for several years, I have nothing but respect for the way they do business. On one occasion, my bank made a clerical error which resulted in a misplaced wire transfer. SearchAnyway took charge of the situation and investigated the matter quickly and thoroughly. In less time than I thought possible, they had resolved the matter completely and I received my wire transfer in full. It gives me peace of mind and a sense of security to do business with such professionals.
- Jordon Kingston

It was so easy to set up their search feed. I literally had in running just minutes after signing up!
- George Amedea

SearchAnyway’s stats are great and tell you a lot of about your surfer’s habits. I had no idea it was this easy to make money on the web!
- Justin Menzies